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Why Organic? October 23, 2008

Posted by liajo in Bubba & Allie.
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I am a big fan of organic foods and gardens.  I use organic growing practices in my gardens all the time.  I have never used pesticides on my plants, trees or lawn.

Yes, I do it for the health of our family, all our family, including our dogs.  I could wash the vegetables and peel them and get most of the bad stuff off.  But what our two Jack’s that love to lay in the grass, roll in the grass and nibble around the edges of the lawn.  I can’t bath them each time the go outside, (Allie would hate that) and Bubba doesn’t want me trying to wash his grass salad as he nibbles. 

Yes, most fertilizers and pesticides say they are safe for dogs and cats after a few hours.  I just don’t trust them.  If it kills bugs, moles or weeds than I believe it could at least have a chance of killing my dogs and I’m not willing to take the risk.  And the dogs haven’t seemed to care that there are a few weeds in the lawn when they roll around on it.



1. sengdroma - October 25, 2008

Hi we are an organic producer and fully support the movement, however we also agree with others that if organic is not in your area then at least eat ethically – go to the samll farmer, see the condition in which animals are raised and crops are harvested. Many small farmers cannot afford to go the organic route due to all the red tape.

Our pets are also on Organic and holistic dog and cat food so the whole farm is in on the act.

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