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Winter weather catch up November 30, 2008

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The wind howled all day today.  There was snow earlier, making more mud for Bubba track inside.  The skies are a slate gray with just a touch of red as the sun sinks down below the horizon.  Tonight will not be a good time for man or beast outside.  Our beautiful fall has come to an end.

The house has been cool all day, but I refuse to touch the thermostat.  I’ll either wrap in a blanket or work on my afghan.  Afghan’s make a good winter project.

The electric heater has ran almost non-stop in the sun room.  I don’t like using it, it takes so much power.  But there is no other heat source in there and without it most of the plants won’t survive the cold.  It also drys the air out.  It seems like I’m out there every few hours giving everything a good douse of water.  But I can’t think of a better way for the plants to stay warm and I’m not willing to let them die.

And then there was mud November 30, 2008

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sunkenmudpoolYesterday’s snow was beautiful, but it didn’t last long.  It all melted away, and made some wonderful mud for Bubba to play in.  That dog loves mud.  If there is one spot of it anywhere in the yard he will find it. 

I must have sweep the kitchen floor 3 times yesterday trying to keep it kind of clean.  I love the rich wet dirt in my gardens, but I’m not so happy about it on the floors.  I wish I could teach Bubba how to wipe his feet, or at least be more lady like outside.  Allie almost never gets mud on her on feet.

Oh well, I guess there is a down side to everything and the down side to beautiful snow is mud.

It’s Magic November 29, 2008

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16_08_25-snow-scene_web2The first snow of the season is magic.  I sat in our sun room last night and watched flacks the size of quarters fall from the sky.  The sky itself is beautiful when it snows, especially at night.  The night ski gets brighter when the snow is falling.

The snow fall was not much by Colorado standards, not much more than a dusting.  But it was cold last night and the snow has that layer of crunchy frost on it this morning. 

The snow probably won’t through the day.  But it truly did make last night and this morning a white and crisp wonderland.

And the planning begins November 28, 2008

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veggiesGood gardens don’t just happen, they take lots of planning.  It’s the planning that helps to keep all us gardeners from going stir crazy in the winter. 

This week I got my latest issue of Mother Earth News, my favorite magazine ever.  This issue is packed with garden planning.  There’s an article on seeds and seed planning that I plan on reading every word of.  There is also an article on growing potatoes that I have already read every word of.  Potatoes are one thing that we plan on adding to our garden next year.  I’ve never grown them before so I need all the advise I can get and I know the advise from Mother Earth News will be good.

Yeah, I’m looking forward to all my new garden plans and I have some big things in mind for next year.

Bubba’s Day November 27, 2008

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You may call it Thanksgiving, but in our house, it’s Bubba Day.  There is a toss up as to Bubba’s favorite activity.  It’s either eating or sleeping, it’s hard to tell which, so this is a perfect day for him.

He is in fact a Jack Russell, but I know that somewhere in him there has to be a recessive hound gene.  His sister Allie is a true Jack Russell.  She can jump in place, she plays with her toy’s and us all the time, and her tail and tongue are always wagging.  Bubba lays on the couch and watches her.

Bubba is laying on the couch right now, on his back with all four legs straight out.  His nose twitches every now and then so I know he is alive and smelling the food.  He’ll time it just right and not wake up until the food is ready. 

Yeah, it might be Thanksgiving everywhere else in America today, but at our house, it is most definitely Bubba’s Day.  Have a good one boy.

Turkey or Not Turkey November 22, 2008

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It is no secret that I am not a fan of turkey.  I never have been.  I remember being in the forth grade and eating hot dogs for Thanksgiving because I didn’t like turkey.  I also don’t like pumpkin pie, sweet potatoes or that gross cranberry jelly glob. 

Before you start screaming that I am un-American I am not.  The pilgrims did not have any of things either, it all came along later.

This year however we are having turkey.  Not because my taste buds changed but because I bought a 16.5 pound turkey for a total of 38 cents (yes I got change from 2 quarters.)  So for that price I will eat some turkey, some turkey salad, turkey soup and green chili turkey enchiladas (the only real reason to cook turkey.)

We will also have my great grandmothers dressing, not stuffing, we never stuff a bird it is an excellent way to give everybody food poisoning.  We’re  having peach cobbler instead of pumpkin pie (no one in our family likes pumpkin pie.)  I found a really good recipefor mango cranberry sauce so we won’t be having the glob of cranberry jelly.  And we’re ditching the sweet potatoes altogether in favor of regular mashed.

So for the first time in many years there will be Thanksgiving at our house, just with a little twist.  I think the pilgrims would have liked it.

Could’ve, Should’ve, Would’ve November 20, 2008

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Don’t you wish sometimes we could see into the future?  I sure wish I could’ve have this fall.  If I had I would have planted a really big fall garden.  Who would have dreamed we would be sitting here on November 20th and almost no snow and only one or two good freezes.  If I had known 60 days ago what I know now I would have planted lots of cold weather vegetables.  I just kept telling myself that the weather wouldn’t hold.  If you plant, even in the greenhouse it will snow tomorrow.

Well there’s nothing I can do about it now, but I sure did miss a good opportunity to have a fall garden.  I still keep telling myself it will snow tomorrow and we really do need it now.  I’ll wait for spring and hope I don’t need to tunnel through the snow to get to the greenhouse then.

Where’s they snow? November 19, 2008

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16_08_25-snow-scene_webI never thought I would miss snow but I’m really starting to.  By now in my part of Colorado we should have had at least a couple of small snow falls.  Instead we have had one skiff of snow, less than a half inch.

I hate this saying, but it is getting to the point that we really do need the moisture.  Everything is so dry.  I’m even starting to worry about the gardens.  I don’t have anything planted now, because it’s supposed to be snowing.  But I’m worried about next spring.  If it doesn’t start soon we’ll be way down on the moisture level for next year.

For now all I can do is keep my fingers crossed and hope it snows soon.  God I thought I’d never say that.

House plant update November 18, 2008

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If you read back quit a few posts I talked about my house plants and how I neglect them in the summer.  I promised that I get to some routine maintenence for them by Thanksgiving and I finally did. 

I re-potted a couple of them yesterday.  The poor things, I’m not sure how they were surviving.  One was pretty root bound.  I cleaned out some of the dead sprigs and leaves.  Most of them were none the worse for the neglect.  

It is a good thing that they do so well on their own with only a little water from me.  I really should be better to them.  After all it is their greenness that will get be through the winter.

Holiday Crafts and Food November 17, 2008

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wild-turkeyWe don’t always celebrate the holiday’s.  Not for any other reason than we just don’t feel like it.  It’s like taking a break from all the madness.  It actually makes the next time you celebrate the holidays even better.

This year there will be holiday celebrations and I’m really looking forward to it. 

My daughter and some of her girl friends are coming over next weekend and we’re all going to do crafts together.  I have lots of craft stuff so we won’t have to buy much.  These crafts will make great present for them to give to each other or their moms or grandmas.  It will be like when they were younger and in Brownies, only better because we can all have some spiked egg nog if we want to.

I’m also cooking Thanksgiving dinner this year from scratch.  I haven’t done that in years.  We usually order one of those dinners all ready done from the store.  I’ve been looking at some new recipes and have found some really great ones like cranberry mango sauce with a jalapeno in it.  I’ll be making some of the old favorites also, like my great grandmother’s stuffing.  I’m not going to try cramming all the cooking into one though, all start this weekend so I can actually sit down on Thanksgiving and enjoy eating.

Yeah, taking a break from the holidays can be a good thing.  It makes the next holiday celebration bigger and better.