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Doggie Diabetes February 12, 2009

Posted by liajo in Bubba & Allie.
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groupwinter061We found out on Monday that Bubba has diabetes.  We knew that he was not feeling well and not himself.  He had most of the classic signs.  We was drinking lots of water and peeing all the time, even in house.  Bubba is not a power house of energy, but even that had dropped off.  The only sign he didn’t have was eating a lot.  He wasn’t eating hardly at all.

The diagnosis came pretty quickly at the vets office, but he still had to stay for several hours for further tests.  Surprisingly Allie did okay at home by herself.

There was never any question about if we would treat or not.  If Bubba still had a chance at a good life, we would treat.  I was hoping that my husband would be the one to give the insulin shots, but as it worked out we both give one a day.

The first visit was pretty expensive but they should be less now.  And there will be lots of visits, especially in the beginning while they try to regulate the insulin.

Only three days later and he is doing much better.  He is drinking a normal amount of water.  He is eating, a lot less than before because he is on a diet but his appetite is good.  The energy level is even up.

I’ll be keeping you updated as we all go through this.  And while it is Bubba with the diabetes it is effecting all us, me, my husband and his sister Allie.


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