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Good Bye Old Friend March 6, 2009

Posted by liajo in garden thoughts and ideas.
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tree_photoPart of the garden plan this year will include cutting down a very old and dying tree.  It has not been an easy decision.  I’ll entertain the idea of just cutting out the dead, but I think it’s to far gone.

I worry every year that during a storm a large, dead limb will either go through our roof  of the neighbors. 

I worry also about the birds and the squirrels that will lose their homes.  It is a bit of any irony, but I had tree specialist out a couple of years ago and he said the squirrels were actually killing the tree.  I guess if that’s the case, they won’t be surprised that they have to move.


1. Doraz - March 9, 2009

I also HATE cutting down trees in my yard, but we have to do it…sadly. I always try to replant a tree in its place. If I did not have all the trees I do in my yard, I would have moved a long time ago!!! Good Luck with things!!!

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