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Garden Crops March 25, 2009

Posted by liajo in garden thoughts and ideas, good things, life.
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0000597029008_51motherearthnewsmagazineMy latest issue of Mother Earth News arrived yesterday and I’m still making my way through it, literally page by page. 

One of the feature articles this issue is about picking the best garden crops for your region. Since I have already ordered all my seed I was interested to see how my picks stacked with others from my area.

The first thing that I discovered is that my region is kind of shady, sitting right on the line between North Central and Rockies and Central Midwest.  So I’ll look at both areas.

Top picks for the North Central & Rockies are bulb onions, cherry tomato’s, carrots, spinach, snow/snap peas, lettuce, bush beans, slicing tomato’s, potato’s and radishes.  All but the radishes are on my list.

Top picks for the Central Midwest are slicing tomato’s, sweet peppers, cherry tomato’s, onion, bush beans, carrots, garlic, paste tomato’s, snow/snap peas and lettuce.  All but the garlic are on my list and you’ll notice quite a bit of over lap. 

Also on my list are black eyed peas and zucchini which are both highly rated in both areas. 

So, I guess I selected seed pretty well.  And yes the garden is going to be really big and packed this year.


1. Doraz - March 26, 2009

If you have the land available, I do not think you can have too much in any garden! Sounds like a great plan to me!! Keep us posted!

2. starlaschat - March 28, 2009

That sounds great a big garden. I was thinking the other day to maybe plant some seeds in the house to get a little bit of a jump start. Montana is a short season. Maybe I will look at catalogs today and make a to grow wish list.

3. liajo - March 29, 2009

I bet Montana has a short growing season. I am about 30 northeast of Denver Colorado and I thought was bad.

4. starlaschat - March 29, 2009

I use to live in Colorado up in the Mountains that was bad. Be the never Summer Mountains that says it all. liajo.

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