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Everything you need to know… March 30, 2009

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about starting seedlings you learned in kindergarten, or day care or girl scouts.  Really, I promise.  Think back.  The teacher had a paper cup for each kid.  You made a couple of holes in the bottom and filled them up with soil.  Then you read the story of Jack in the Bean Stalk and each kid got a bean seed which you poked down into the soil with your finger.  Some water was added and a piece of plastic wrap or baggie was put over the top of the cup.  In about a week all the kids had a bean sprout.

seedlings1Guess what???  It still works, and is a lot cheaper than buying seed starting kits at the local nursery. 

I started a bunch of pepper and tomato seeds this weekend.  I used paper cups (with holes in the bottom) filled with a seed starter soil mix.  I made one mini greenhouse out of an aluminium cake bottom pan with a plastic top.  Actually Saturday morning it had cinnamon rolls in it, which I finished off before planting the seeds.

In about six weeks I should have some good sized seedlings ready to go outside.


1. starlaschat - March 30, 2009

I am so excited!!! Great I’m ready to start ;+). I made a list and now I’m going shopping. I love Cinnamon rolls LOL.. Thanks I am already inspired! I’m looking forward to playing in the dirt this year. I appreciate your knowledge on this subject.:+).

2. starlaschat - April 1, 2009

Well so far so good. I planted some seeds in the dirt. Funny my animals all gathered round while I planted seeds. I think they liked the smell of the dirt. Now the trick is to keep the cats away from my project.

3. liajo - April 1, 2009

Did you start your seeds inside? If you keep the tops covered at least until they sprout that should keep the cats out. Bubba and Allie, our 2 Jack Russell’s love to garden with me and dig in the dirt.

4. starlaschat - April 2, 2009

Yes I started the seeds inside. It’s still snowing outside even as we speak. Winter just wont seem to go away oh well eventually it will warm up.

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