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Funny Story April 11, 2009

Posted by liajo in Bubba & Allie, good things, Greenhouse Gardening, life.
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Wednesday was a beautiful day here so I decided to get in some yard work.  One of things I wanted to get done was some prep work in the vegetable garden.  groupwinter06I can’t go outside without the dogs, Bubba and Allie wanting to come with me, so we all went out back.

I was in the fenced garden clearing out all the coverings I had left on the beds during the winter.  I also had a pocket full of trash that had blown in.  Needing to dump the ground covering material in the compost pile and throw the trash away I came out of the garden. 

There was Allie wagging her tail and running around.  But no Bubba, I didn’t see him anywhere.  So I asked Allie “Where’s your brother, where’s the Bubba dog?”

greenhousesAs soon as I said his name Bubba comes a running, from the greenhouse.  Now at the end of fall I knew I had gotten the greenhouse ready for winter and all zipped down tight.  But somehow Bubba got the front zipper up just enough so he could go inside.  I’m guessing to lay on the warm, dry ground.

After putting both dogs in the house I checked to greenhouse.  Bubba had done no damage, there really wasn’t anything to damage.  I also check the thermometer that I had put in the ground.  It was reading 80 degrees.

I didn’t plant in the greenhouse this winter and hadn’t gotten it ready yet to move the tomato seedlings into.  But it’s being used, as an over sized dogie sauna.


1. Doraz - April 12, 2009

That Bubba is a clever one. He figures if you are not using it, why can;t he? Cute story!! Happy Easter to you guys!

2. starlaschat - April 12, 2009

Oh Bubba my heart skipped a beat I am glad he was close by. Our neighbors dogs have been on a run about do to the Spring air. Glad he was just hangin out in the dogie sauna. Happy Easter!

3. starlaschat - April 13, 2009

My seeds have sprouted and are bending in their little green house can I replant into a bigger container and keep it in the house before it get warm enough outside? This is the first year I started seeds inside.

4. starlaschat - April 19, 2009

Are you still getting snow? I hope your getting some Spring time weather we finally are and it been really nice. We bought some boards yesterday to make one garden box. Were both excited to have a little box so we can also play in the dirt.

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