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Bubba and Allie

Bubba and Allie are our babies.  Okay not really, they are dogs, but more spoiled than a lot of kids I know.  They are brother and sister from the same litter.  We were only supposed to get one dog, but my husband said he just couldn’t separate them.  They were curled up together away from the rest of litter sleeping soundly.  That was almost nine years ago and they still are almost never separated.

They are officially half Jack Russell and Aussie Healer, but even the vet thought they were full blooded Jack’s.  They have all the right makings and the Jack look.

Bubba is the male and in the last few month developed diabetes.  Probably from too much people food and not enough exercise.  The people food has stopped and a dogie diet is now enforced.  That along with insulin seems to be making a big difference.

Allie is the female or the princess baby as my husband calls her.  Her energy level can be quite high.  Something any Jack owner knows about.  While she doesn’t care for strangers she is very loving with us.

They are my playing in the dirt buddies.  They love to be outside with me.  Bubba pees on the flowers and Allie loves to check out the vegetable garden.  And sometimes, like me, they just like to lay outside and sun themselves.


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