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Collecting Pee March 14, 2009

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That’s right, I said collecting pee.  We need to test Bubba’s urine for his blood sugar levels this weekend.  Definitely something easier said than done.anatomy-anotated_jack_russell

My husband tried on Friday a couple times with no success.  Every time he went outside with him, Bubba just sat there.  No pee forth coming.

I tried a couple times today with the same outcome.  None.

Then it hit me.  We needed to take both him and his sister out front on leases.  Finally, he peed on the neighbors fence (he has always been particle to fences) and I was right there with the cup.  He did kick it out of my hands, but enough stayed in the cup to test.

Now we just need to do it again two or three more times.


Believe It Or Not March 11, 2009

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0012So I’m in the craft department of our local Walmart getting yarn to ffinish my latest afghan.  I can’t find the reddish color that I need in my usual brand (go figure) so I start checking other brands.

That’s when I found Carron Simply Soft Eco, yarn made from (get this) recycled plastic bottles.  I found the color that I needed (it’s wine county in the picture) and a new product.

I came home and checked out Carron’s website www.carron.com.  If I had used Carron to make the whole afghan I would have kept at least 10 bottles out of a land fill. 

I figure that if my mom (the afghan queen) starts using Carron’s she can single handily empty a land fill of all it’s plastic bottles in a year.

What’s Your Favorite??? March 11, 2009

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veggiesWhat’s your favorite type of plants to grow?  Flowers, vegetables, berry bushes, trees or shrubs?

I really don’t have a favorite and I’ll try almost anything.  I spend most of my time concerting of the vegetables but probably enjoy the flowers more.  But I really like eating the berries while I’m watering.  In fact most of the berries never make it to the kitchen.

So what’s your favorite?

Oh Yea Baby March 11, 2009

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16_08_25-snow-scene_webFinally, some snow.  Not nearly enough, but a couple of inches.  What we really is need is rain.  About 3 days of a long, slow rain.

We’ll take the snow for now.  I’m still holding the rain dance in reserve though.

Just Wondering March 9, 2009

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_cutedogspicturehomeHow many people have a dog like Bubba with diabetes??7-14-cats2

How many of you have a cat with diabetes??

How long have the lived with it??

Did it change your life when you found out they were sick??

Good Bye Old Friend March 6, 2009

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tree_photoPart of the garden plan this year will include cutting down a very old and dying tree.  It has not been an easy decision.  I’ll entertain the idea of just cutting out the dead, but I think it’s to far gone.

I worry every year that during a storm a large, dead limb will either go through our roof  of the neighbors. 

I worry also about the birds and the squirrels that will lose their homes.  It is a bit of any irony, but I had tree specialist out a couple of years ago and he said the squirrels were actually killing the tree.  I guess if that’s the case, they won’t be surprised that they have to move.

No Pooping Please March 5, 2009

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c88542d9df2d44ae8878cad88da5ff1f-origI love my dogs and they have free roam of the backyard.  Part of being their owner is picking up the poop.  Not a favorite activity, but one I do because I love my dogs and cleaning up after them is part of the deal.

What I don’t love is dog poop on the front lawn that didn’t come from my dogs.  It seems that one of my neighbors isn’t having any problem letting their dog or dogs roam freely all over the neighborhood.

I hope to spot the offender and the owner in the coming weeks.  Yes, they will know that I don’t love them or their poop when I catch them. 

And in our town, pooping on the neighbors lawn isn’t only in bad taste, it’s illegal since we have a leash law.  Poopers beware.

Seed Planting Time March 4, 2009

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seedlingsThis week I’ll start planting seeds.  The first round will be in seed starter packs in the house.  No matter how warm it’s been I’d be crazy to plant seed for tomatoes and peppers outside, even in the greenhouse.

I’ll use a mini greenhouse in the sun room to get the first seeds started.  The tomatoes will later be transplanted in the big greenhouse in backyard.  They did really good there last year.  The peppers will go into the regular vegetable garden.  They did not do good at all in the greenhouse and I don’t plan on making the mistake of putting them there again.

In about two or three weeks it will be time to plant the peas directly in garden.  Look for updates to follow, this is an exciting time of year for every gardener.

Bubba’s Health Update March 3, 2009

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groupwinter06Updates on Bubba’s health and how he is doing with doggies diabetes as turned into a weekly feature.  I think that’s a good thing because the more I talk to people the more dogs and cats I am finding with diabetes.  Most of them are doing quit well.

I also have a close human friend with type 1 diabetes.  We are both amazed with how similar the disease is between dogs and people.  Talking with him as also helped me a lot and kept me from calling the vets office like every day.

He has insured me that the shots don’t hurt.  Yes that’s what the vet said but how does he know for sure.  He told me that yes it’s important to give the insulin at the same times every day, but if we’re off by 15 or 20 minutes it is highly unlikely that something horrible will happen.  Yes, I worried about a lot. 

He also told me that insulin is very oily.  One night Bubba moved a little while I was giving him his shot.  I knew that he got some insulin but I also felt some on the fur.  My human friend said that insulin is so oily that if he moves and just 1 mm get on his stomach it will smear all over it.

So two goods friends have diabetes and one is telling me what the other can’t.  I think that’s kind of cool.

Water the Compost March 2, 2009

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compostbinopenMoisture is a key ingredient in composting.  Normally at this time of year my composting area would be covered by snow or at least very wet from melting snow.

But not this year.  Record high temperatures and on the driest February on record have dried the compost out.  Without the moisture the composting process almost stops.

My solution, water the compost.  I started doing just that week and I’ll keep it up every few days as long as it stays so dry.