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books02-619x685making_needlework_accessoriesI am one of those people that ALWAYS has several projects going at one time. 

I’m always reading something, book, magazine or tooth paste tube.  I decided to try writing a book.  I figured I read so much, surely I should be able to write.  I’m really enjoying it. 

I’m working on an afghan right now and a quilt.  I guess you can’t ever have enough covers.  I also do embroidery and cross stitch.  I would love to learn to weave, but I don’t think my husband will let me put a loom in the living.  Maybe a spinning wheel.

And then there are the special projects.  I like to make things around the holidays, any holiday, it reminds me of home.  My mom also has projects going all the time, she did when I was little too.   And then there are babies.  Every baby should have hand made things.

I do all of these projects at night.  I’ve never been good at just watching TV.  My husband can do it for hours, but not me, I kind bored.  So I watch, or mostly listen and do my projects.  And I have plenty to do.



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