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Burr, it’s cold outside February 13, 2018

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pexels-photo-280204.jpegFebruary usually cycles many small snow storms through Colorado and it’s doing that just that this year.  Snow on Saturday, 40 on Sunday, cold all day today.  And burr it’s cold outside now.  February is the closest month to spring and often the coldest of the winter months.

Yes, I get it, we need the snowpack since it’s our summer water.  Being a gardener I understand that.  I know my strawberries with benefit a lot from this cycle.  I know the clover is just soaking this up, or will when it defrosts.  I know my wildflowers will bloom with beauty in a couple of months.

Even knowing all of this, I wish it was warm enough to rain.

Most Unusual January 22, 2009

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Most people think of native plants as being kind of plain jane’s.  And let’s face it, we all like the shock effect every now and then.  Who wouldn’t want to have the most unusual plants on the block.

But think before you order and plant.  One of my seed catalogs has a most unusual flower called the Bat flower and it is different.  It’s almost black which is different and has bracts that look like whiskers on a cat that almost reach the ground.  Most unusual.

There are a few problems though, the plant is native of China, which is a long way from Colorado.  It’s zones are 10-11 and prefers high humidity, so about the only place it would do well is my bathroom.  The cost isn’t unreasonable at about $10, but that’s still a lot when it’s a pretty sure bet the plant won’t live 6 months.

So as much as I would like to be the first on my block to have a Bat flower, I’ll take a pass and look for some of the plain jane plants that will not only do well in Colorado but thrive for years to come.

Beautiful Day December 29, 2008

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What a perfect day.  The sun is shinning brightly in a clear blue sky.  It’s about 50 degrees outside and kids are running through the snow still on the ground in shorts.

A day like today, is why people live in Colorado.  It makes all the below zero mornings we had earlier this month worth it.

It’s like a sneak preview of the spring to come and it gives you hope that the earth won’t be cold and dark forever.

It’s Magic November 29, 2008

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16_08_25-snow-scene_web2The first snow of the season is magic.  I sat in our sun room last night and watched flacks the size of quarters fall from the sky.  The sky itself is beautiful when it snows, especially at night.  The night ski gets brighter when the snow is falling.

The snow fall was not much by Colorado standards, not much more than a dusting.  But it was cold last night and the snow has that layer of crunchy frost on it this morning. 

The snow probably won’t through the day.  But it truly did make last night and this morning a white and crisp wonderland.

Full Moon November 13, 2008

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s_full-moonThere are a few advantages to being up early.  Early enough that it is still dark.  This morning one of those advantages was seeing the full moon.  It was spectacular.  In my part of Colorado there was very light cloud cover.  The moon almost looked like it had a veil over it.  Driving out of town there are a couple of large trees.  The trees would come up in front of the moon.  It was a shot a movie producer would have paid millions for.  The only cost for me, going to work at 5:30am.

Unusual Halloween Weather October 29, 2008

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Halloween in Colorado is usually a miserable affair for all involved.  The poor kids are freezing and even the thought of candy can’t them warm.  The parents with them just want to get home to a warm drink.   Even those that don’t have to be outside get cold each time the bell rings for the trick or treater’s.  The reason for all this misery, the weather.  It almost always sucks comes Halloween night. 

With one day to go, this year maybe different.  Weather forecasters are saying 60 degrees and no rain, snow or howling winds.  I can’t remember the last time that happened.

In fact I was just sitting outside enjoying some of this nice weather.  Two honey bee’s were still out collecting last minute honey.  The violets were about the only source of honey left though.  All the other plants look like it is almost Halloween.  They kind of look like skeletons themselves with all their leaves and flowers gone.

Winter gardening October 21, 2008

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Last weekend we tightened up the greenhouse for winter and I cleared out all the old pepper plants and composted.  This will be the first winter that I actually try planting in the greenhouse.  I have cold weather seeds like carrots, spinach, lettuce and peas and I hope to get them planted in the next week or two.

There are a few things that I haven’t quit worked out yet.  One of them is watering.  I may need to carry it from the house because our out side hoses and faucets can freeze up.  Next is snow.  As excited I am about year round gardening, I not real excited about tramping through the snow to get there.

I also need to make sure it’s not getting to cold.  Besides the tightening I’ll mulch around the entire outside bottom  to keep some of the cold air out.  I’ve also read that if I compost in the greenhouse it will help keep the temperature up.  I put my meat thermometer in the ground today, I’ll check it in the morning to see how cold it is about 7am.

While I don’t believe winter gardening is going to easy I am looking forward to eating a fresh spinach salad that came out of my backyard in Colorado in December.  To cool.

Moment of silence October 20, 2008

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My hobby is gardening.  I’d rather garden than do just about anything else I can think of.  I like my plants better than most people I know. 

My husband has a hobby too.  It’s CNN.  I don’t mind when I can outside, but now that’s its colder and there is nothing left in the gardens to work on I mind a lot. 

There are 15 days left until the election and I can’t wait for it to be over.  Don’t get me wrong, I realize this election is important and I plan on voting early this week.  So does my husband.  He already knows who he voting for and still watches about four hours a day of election news.  Why?

I need a moment of silence, or at least some really nice weather so I can go outside.  I probably won’t get the really nice weather during the last part of October in Colorado.  Oh well.

Fall Color October 15, 2008

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When most people talk about the fall color in Colorado they are referring to the changing leaves in the mountains.  Not me.  When I talk about fall color, it is the changing farm fields that get me excited.

Yesterday I took a different route home so I could enjoy some of the fields.  To truly appreciate them it helps to drive on a road that has rolling hills going through the fields.  The hills allow you to see more of the landscape.

What I saw on my drive was winter wheat just breaking through the soil.  It almost looks like grass, it has the same green color.  A harvested corn field lays bare the dark colored soil with the off white or tan color of the pieces of stalks left behind.  Freshly cut hay is a darker green than the new winter wheat.  And of course the pumpkin fields are orange with the vines turning dull green and brown.

Yes there are trees.  Almost all the farm houses are surrounded by them.  When you top the last hill about a half mile from the town I live in you will see lots of trees.  They are not in town, although we do have quit a few, but the ones I’m talking about are along the South Platte River.  The colors range from still summer green, to gold, yellow, red and brown.

Yes I really love the fall color of farm fields.