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Funny Story April 11, 2009

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Wednesday was a beautiful day here so I decided to get in some yard work.  One of things I wanted to get done was some prep work in the vegetable garden.  groupwinter06I can’t go outside without the dogs, Bubba and Allie wanting to come with me, so we all went out back.

I was in the fenced garden clearing out all the coverings I had left on the beds during the winter.  I also had a pocket full of trash that had blown in.  Needing to dump the ground covering material in the compost pile and throw the trash away I came out of the garden. 

There was Allie wagging her tail and running around.  But no Bubba, I didn’t see him anywhere.  So I asked Allie “Where’s your brother, where’s the Bubba dog?”

greenhousesAs soon as I said his name Bubba comes a running, from the greenhouse.  Now at the end of fall I knew I had gotten the greenhouse ready for winter and all zipped down tight.  But somehow Bubba got the front zipper up just enough so he could go inside.  I’m guessing to lay on the warm, dry ground.

After putting both dogs in the house I checked to greenhouse.  Bubba had done no damage, there really wasn’t anything to damage.  I also check the thermometer that I had put in the ground.  It was reading 80 degrees.

I didn’t plant in the greenhouse this winter and hadn’t gotten it ready yet to move the tomato seedlings into.  But it’s being used, as an over sized dogie sauna.

Collecting Pee March 14, 2009

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That’s right, I said collecting pee.  We need to test Bubba’s urine for his blood sugar levels this weekend.  Definitely something easier said than done.anatomy-anotated_jack_russell

My husband tried on Friday a couple times with no success.  Every time he went outside with him, Bubba just sat there.  No pee forth coming.

I tried a couple times today with the same outcome.  None.

Then it hit me.  We needed to take both him and his sister out front on leases.  Finally, he peed on the neighbors fence (he has always been particle to fences) and I was right there with the cup.  He did kick it out of my hands, but enough stayed in the cup to test.

Now we just need to do it again two or three more times.

Just Wondering March 9, 2009

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_cutedogspicturehomeHow many people have a dog like Bubba with diabetes??7-14-cats2

How many of you have a cat with diabetes??

How long have the lived with it??

Did it change your life when you found out they were sick??

No Pooping Please March 5, 2009

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c88542d9df2d44ae8878cad88da5ff1f-origI love my dogs and they have free roam of the backyard.  Part of being their owner is picking up the poop.  Not a favorite activity, but one I do because I love my dogs and cleaning up after them is part of the deal.

What I don’t love is dog poop on the front lawn that didn’t come from my dogs.  It seems that one of my neighbors isn’t having any problem letting their dog or dogs roam freely all over the neighborhood.

I hope to spot the offender and the owner in the coming weeks.  Yes, they will know that I don’t love them or their poop when I catch them. 

And in our town, pooping on the neighbors lawn isn’t only in bad taste, it’s illegal since we have a leash law.  Poopers beware.

Bubba’s Health Update March 3, 2009

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groupwinter06Updates on Bubba’s health and how he is doing with doggies diabetes as turned into a weekly feature.  I think that’s a good thing because the more I talk to people the more dogs and cats I am finding with diabetes.  Most of them are doing quit well.

I also have a close human friend with type 1 diabetes.  We are both amazed with how similar the disease is between dogs and people.  Talking with him as also helped me a lot and kept me from calling the vets office like every day.

He has insured me that the shots don’t hurt.  Yes that’s what the vet said but how does he know for sure.  He told me that yes it’s important to give the insulin at the same times every day, but if we’re off by 15 or 20 minutes it is highly unlikely that something horrible will happen.  Yes, I worried about a lot. 

He also told me that insulin is very oily.  One night Bubba moved a little while I was giving him his shot.  I knew that he got some insulin but I also felt some on the fur.  My human friend said that insulin is so oily that if he moves and just 1 mm get on his stomach it will smear all over it.

So two goods friends have diabetes and one is telling me what the other can’t.  I think that’s kind of cool.

Doggies Dreams February 26, 2009

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There is nothing me, Bubba and Allie enjoy more than an afternoon nap.  I enjoy it because it gives that little pick me up for the rest of the day and evening.  I think the dogs enjoy it for the dreams.

I’m sure they dream at night, but I notice it more in the afternoon.  One of them will start moving their muzzles, then their feet.  They almost always make a puppy kind of bark.  This can go on from several seconds to several minutes.

I always wonder what they are dreaming about.  Since they are Jack Russell’s I think they are dreaming about the hunt and chase.  I’m sure they’re after some rabbit or fox.  I also wonder if they remember their dreams. 

I guess this will remain a mystery.

Like New Dogs February 24, 2009

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anatomy-anotated_jack_russellIt’s been 2 weeks since Bubba was diagnosed with diabetes and we are all doing very well. 

The new eating schedule is getting to be routine.  Most of the time Bubba doesn’t even mind the shots, which we are feeling more comfortable giving.

It made me feel so bad the first week when I would eat in front of Bubba and Allie.  For almost nine years we had always let them lick the dinner plates.  Instead, now what we do is maybe give them a piece of their food.

Both dogs are losing a little weight, but it’s controlled and because we are measuring their food we know they are getting enough to eat.

The energy levels they have is almost like having puppies again.  I’m not sure that’s a good thing when they are Jack Russell’s, but it’s much better than having Bubba sick.

Bubba’s Health Update February 17, 2009

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jack_russell_artMonday Bubba had his first diabetes check up.  He is doing well.  The vets  made no change in his care, his food and insulin will stay the same for now.

We thought that he was doing much better this week, but it was great news for the vet to confirm it.  I can actually breath a little easier now.

While Bubba is doing well, Allie is not to pleased with us.  Since Bubba had to go on a diet and very specific feeding times Allie has had to do the same.  She is having a harder time adjusting than Bubba has.

As always I’ve done a little web research myself this week.  I have read pieces of several dog diabetes sites.  I’m glad they are out there and plan to keep doing more research.  I hope in the future to recommend some of these sites.

Off to the vet December 4, 2008

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Yesterday was annual vet day for Bubba and Allie.  This is always an adventure, but yesterday was more so because of cold weather.  Bubba and Allie almost never ride in a car and we usually walk to the vet’s office, it’s only about 3 blocks from our house.

Yesterday we decided to take the van.  Once on harness leashes are on we are ready to go.  Both dogs go for the sidewalk, not the van.  Once we get them in the right direction now we have to get them in the van.  They didn’t understand and it took a little doing.

My daughter sat in the back with them for the trip, it’s a good thing it was only 3 blocks. 

They got out of the van much easier than they got in and we got inside without incident.  The weigh in also went okay.  Bubba weighs almost 44 pounds and Allie is 34 pounds. 

The exam room was okay.  Bubba did pee twice on the cabinets and walls.  You have to love boy dogs.  Other than that it was about normal.  Allie was a nervous wreck and shook the whole time.  Bubba was pretty much disinterested in the whole thing.  Both dogs are healthy and normal. 

We did opt for the 3 year vaccine this time.  The vet said it might make Allie a little sore since she is a smaller dog and it did.  Today we are just taking things easy and giving her some asprin.  We’ll still make the annual visit minus the shots.

I’m really glad we only have to do this once a year.

Vacation Blues November 7, 2008

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travelmedicinesuitcaseWhile me and my husband had a great time on vacation, I can’t say the same for Bubba and Allie.  They didn’t actually get to go on vacation with us, but they hated us going.

We go through this each time we go on vacation.  We start telling them a few days in advance that we will gone for a while, but they get to stay home with Monique.  Monique is our 24 year old daughter. 

By the day we leave, with suitcases packed, Allie is already sulking.  Bubba is better but you can still tell he is kind of pissed off. 

It’s not like Monique won’t take excellent care of them because she does, even to the point of sleeping on the couch with them instead of in her own bed.  It’s not even that they love us that much.  Which they do, but above anything, Bubba and Allie are dogs of habit and routine and they don’t like that routine upset.

When we got home everyone was happy to see us.  And after a few hours of them letting us know that they weren’t happy with us Bubba and Allie have settled back down into their happy routines.