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Environmental Protection October 19, 2008

Posted by liajo in general.
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In about two weeks, we the people will pick a new president of these United States. 

I don’t believe that either of the top two options, (there are about eight candidates in all depending on your state)  will be able to fix the top five problems, health care, taxes, finance mess, war and social security.  These issues are just to big for any one person it fix. 

So I won’t vote on any of these issues.  I will vote on issues that one person will effect and possibly effect for years to come. 

Environmental Protection is top of the list of issues for me.  The next president will have the ability to strengthen federal laws ranging from fuel economy to alternative energy to endangered animals.  They will also at some point during their presidency appoint federal judges that will uphold and interpret these laws for years to come.

When you vote think about the issues that the next president has a real chance of changing or effecting, not just the big five which no one individual will ever be able to change.