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What’s Your Favorite??? March 11, 2009

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veggiesWhat’s your favorite type of plants to grow?  Flowers, vegetables, berry bushes, trees or shrubs?

I really don’t have a favorite and I’ll try almost anything.  I spend most of my time concerting of the vegetables but probably enjoy the flowers more.  But I really like eating the berries while I’m watering.  In fact most of the berries never make it to the kitchen.

So what’s your favorite?


Catalog Order Day February 15, 2009

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veggiesThis morning was plant and seed catalog ordering day.  After spending sixweeks reviewing all the catalogs I’ve received I went with just one for the whole order, Gurney’s.  I’ve had good luck with Gurney’s in the past and I couldn’t beat their $25 early order discount.

We plan on really expanding the vegetable gardens this year so I ordered things I never have before.  I’m also adding lots of berry’s this year.  I had good luck with the raspberries that I planted last year and will be adding more of them along with blueberries and blackberries.

Since most of my flower beds are pretty well established I just ordered a few seed packs.

Everything should start arriving in a couple of weeks.  Shortly after that the real work will begin.

Herbal Help January 19, 2009

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herbsI’ve had pretty good luck growing most vegetables and flowers.  I usually just sprinkle a few seeds or transplant a few seedlings and watch them grow.

Not so with herbs.  I’ve tried seeds and transplants inside and outside.  I’ve tried giving them almost no water and watering almost daily.  It doesn’t matter, they almost always die.

I’ve heard and read that herbs are basically weeds and easy to grow.  Supposedly they are so easy to grow if you’re not careful they will take over the entire yard.  I wish.

I’m not giving though.  For Christmas I got a Chia gourmet herb garden.  I’ll plant it sometime this week.  I’m also planning a special spot for a herb garden when we dig up the front lawn this year.

I’m counting on the law of averages, sooner or later some of these herbs have actually got to grow.

Seed Catalogs Keep Coming January 13, 2009

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amazing_flowers_smallThe seed, plant and bulb catalogs just keep coming.  I look through every page of each one of them.

There really are some great deals and some really different plants.  I’d love to have one of everything.

But instead I’ll stick to what I need and can use.  Mostly this year I’ll be buying vegetable seed and berry bushes. 

I don’t really need anymore flowers, even if I would like to have more.    Over the last five years or so I have gotten a good base of bulbs, perennials and self seeders.  

I’ll be making my final picks in the next month or so and in the mean time I’ll take another look at all the catalogs.

Problem garden spot December 1, 2008

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weedsI’ve got one spot in the yard that is really a problem and I don’t know what to do about it.  It’s in the front yard, and that makes it even worse.  You know the whole curb appeal thing.  Anyway, it is the strip of ground between the street and sidewalk.

Over the years I’ve seen our neighbors fill the strip with bark, brick, and concrete.  Some of left just left the weed infested grass and others have done a combination of flower beds and grass.  What ever I decide to do I know there will have to be some type of stepping stones or plants that can be stepped on.  Other wise there will be no way to get into a car parked in the street.

I really what to do something with the strip this summer.  About 6 years ago we pulled out the weed infested grass and since then I’ve tried various flowers but none seem to do to well.  Not to mention that there are still plenty of weeds.  I know the first step needs to be soil amendment, but then what?  If you’ve got an idea PLEASE share it with me.

Plant sharing October 17, 2008

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Plant sharing is a great way to share beautiful garden flowers and keep the cost of gardening down.  This summer our next door neighbors needed to thin out their daylillie beds.  They offered us all we wanted as long as we dug them out and took only from a certain area.

I was more than happy to help them out and I took about a dozen.  Daylillies spread kind of fast so I spread mine out so they would have plenty of room to do just that.

We found out last week that these same neighbors will be moving later this month.  We have been neighbors for more than 12 years and I will miss them dearly.  I hope the new neighbors keep up their nice yard and gardens, but even if they don’t I’ll have the daylillies to help me remember my neighbors and friends.

Squirrel Feast October 16, 2008

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Now that my harvest is over I don’t mind sharing the left overs with the squirrels that live in one of our big trees.  The sunflowers are a big hit with them this year.  It was the first year I planted them and I had several reach over ten feet tall with quit a few flowers.

Twice this afternoon when I went to let the dogs out a squirrel was on the fence of the vegetable garden with a flower in his or her mouth.  They make a hasty retreat as soon as the back door opens, but not with out their prize.  I know the squirrels will be eating good well into the winter.

I’m also thinking I’ll have about a million sunflowers next year all over the yard.  Where ever you look there are sunflower seeds all over the ground.

Gardening Mourning October 14, 2008

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Well it happened, we had a frost last night.  The zucchini is all wilted and sad looking.  So are most of the morning glory vines.  There are a couple of ones that have more protection that don’t look to bad.  Most of the leaves have fallen off the grapevines on the back fence.

I heard on the local weather forecast that A Basin, a local ski area, will be opening on Wednesday.  I bet all the skiers are jumping up and down in their ski boots. 

As a gardener all I can do is mourn.   Where did all my 80 and 90 degree days go?  Where are the days with 12 hours of sunshine?  Can it be six more months before I have beautiful blooms on the flowers and vegetables? 

Let the skiers rejoice, I’ll read my seed catalogs and dream of next summer.