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Garden helpers October 22, 2008

Posted by liajo in Bubba & Allie.
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I thought about starting another blog starring our Jack Russell’s, Bubba and Allie.  But then I thought about just adding stories about them to this blog.  It really does fit, they love to play in dirt.  They also love to roll in the grass, dig in the dirt,eat bugs and wonder through the vegetable garden when the fence is open.  Bubba, yes he is a male, loves to pee on all the flowers.  That’s about as close as any of my plants get to fertilizer.  I have two of the best garden helpers ever.  They are the only reason I have not planted the entire backyard in gardens.  Jack’s need room to run and play.  So I happily share the yard with them. 

The picture above is not Bubba and Allie, but it isa group of really cute Jack’s and our two look pretty much just like them.  If I can get them to hold still I’ll try and take their picture to post.