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Unusual Halloween Weather October 29, 2008

Posted by liajo in good things.
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Halloween in Colorado is usually a miserable affair for all involved.  The poor kids are freezing and even the thought of candy can’t them warm.  The parents with them just want to get home to a warm drink.   Even those that don’t have to be outside get cold each time the bell rings for the trick or treater’s.  The reason for all this misery, the weather.  It almost always sucks comes Halloween night. 

With one day to go, this year maybe different.  Weather forecasters are saying 60 degrees and no rain, snow or howling winds.  I can’t remember the last time that happened.

In fact I was just sitting outside enjoying some of this nice weather.  Two honey bee’s were still out collecting last minute honey.  The violets were about the only source of honey left though.  All the other plants look like it is almost Halloween.  They kind of look like skeletons themselves with all their leaves and flowers gone.