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House plant update November 18, 2008

Posted by liajo in general.
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If you read back quit a few posts I talked about my house plants and how I neglect them in the summer.  I promised that I get to some routine maintenence for them by Thanksgiving and I finally did. 

I re-potted a couple of them yesterday.  The poor things, I’m not sure how they were surviving.  One was pretty root bound.  I cleaned out some of the dead sprigs and leaves.  Most of them were none the worse for the neglect.  

It is a good thing that they do so well on their own with only a little water from me.  I really should be better to them.  After all it is their greenness that will get be through the winter.

House plants October 7, 2008

Posted by liajo in general.
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During the summer I have a bad habit of ignoring my house plants.  They always manage to survive if not thrive, but I always feel bad about neglecting them.  After all it is my house plants that get me through the winter without going completely crazy. 

This weekend I noticed a couple of plants that need to be re-potted and a couple more that could use some more soil or need pruning.  I’ll set aside some time in the next week to take care of these things, unless it gets warm and then I’ll be raking leaves, or planting in the greenhouse. 

Sometime before Thanksgiving all get around to the house plants.  I promise.