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Bubba’s Health Update March 3, 2009

Posted by liajo in Bubba & Allie.
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groupwinter06Updates on Bubba’s health and how he is doing with doggies diabetes as turned into a weekly feature.  I think that’s a good thing because the more I talk to people the more dogs and cats I am finding with diabetes.  Most of them are doing quit well.

I also have a close human friend with type 1 diabetes.  We are both amazed with how similar the disease is between dogs and people.  Talking with him as also helped me a lot and kept me from calling the vets office like every day.

He has insured me that the shots don’t hurt.  Yes that’s what the vet said but how does he know for sure.  He told me that yes it’s important to give the insulin at the same times every day, but if we’re off by 15 or 20 minutes it is highly unlikely that something horrible will happen.  Yes, I worried about a lot. 

He also told me that insulin is very oily.  One night Bubba moved a little while I was giving him his shot.  I knew that he got some insulin but I also felt some on the fur.  My human friend said that insulin is so oily that if he moves and just 1 mm get on his stomach it will smear all over it.

So two goods friends have diabetes and one is telling me what the other can’t.  I think that’s kind of cool.