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Town’s Sad Christmas Lights December 14, 2008

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christmas-lights3Our town has about the saddest Christmas lights I’ve ever seen.  They are on one of our town’s two main streets which is actually a state highway.  So everybody that drives through town also knows how sad they are.

The lights have got to be more than 25 years old and have seen better days.  They are candles and Christmas tree’s that attach to the street light poles.  The ones that work to look kind of pretty and remind me of the kind of Christmas lights all the towns had when I was a kid. 

The problem is more than half of them either don’t work at all or have several lights out.  They look okay during the day, but they look sad at night.

I know our town doesn’t have much money but the time as come to either fix the lights or not put them up any more, at the ones that don’t work.