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Puppy advise November 9, 2008

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groupwinter06Bubba and Allie have some advise for the Obama’s or anyone else for that matter as they pick their new puppy.  No matter what kind you pick, if one is good, two are better.

That’s right, we always suggest that you get two puppies.  That way when we humans get busy, they have each other to keep them company.

I did not always think that way.  We were supposed to get one female puppy.  Then my husband and daughter came home with two puppies.  One female one male.  The said they just couldn’t separate them.  And it was the best thing we ever did.

Eight and a half years latter they are still inseparable.  It’s kind of like having two two year olds.  If one barks, they other will start soon.  If one comes running, the other is not far behind.  If your loving on one, the other will jump in your lap any minute.

But just like human siblings they have every different personalities.  They play together and sometimes even fight with each other.  But let one yelp in distress and the other one is right there making sure everything is okay. 

As much as they love us, they love each other more.  Still almost every evening they lay together and clean each each others face.  Our vet has said they have some of the cleanest dog ears he has ever seen.

Yes if one puppy is good, than two is better.  Twice the love is always better.

Vacation Blues November 7, 2008

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travelmedicinesuitcaseWhile me and my husband had a great time on vacation, I can’t say the same for Bubba and Allie.  They didn’t actually get to go on vacation with us, but they hated us going.

We go through this each time we go on vacation.  We start telling them a few days in advance that we will gone for a while, but they get to stay home with Monique.  Monique is our 24 year old daughter. 

By the day we leave, with suitcases packed, Allie is already sulking.  Bubba is better but you can still tell he is kind of pissed off. 

It’s not like Monique won’t take excellent care of them because she does, even to the point of sleeping on the couch with them instead of in her own bed.  It’s not even that they love us that much.  Which they do, but above anything, Bubba and Allie are dogs of habit and routine and they don’t like that routine upset.

When we got home everyone was happy to see us.  And after a few hours of them letting us know that they weren’t happy with us Bubba and Allie have settled back down into their happy routines.