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Different gardens September 9, 2008

Posted by liajo in general.
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I had a really hard time picking a theme for this blog.  The outdoorsy ones were just to cliche, and I didn’t like the layout.  I love the layout of this theme and it’s a bit unexpected for a gardening blog.  The theme does highlight one point I’d like to make about gardeners and gardens.  We come in all different sizes and shapes from all different parts of the world.

I currently live in a rural community 30 miles or so from Denver, Colorado on a nice sized lot.  I have also lived in a couple of city apartments and on five acres that had once been part of a pinto bean field.  No matter where I lived, I gardened.  I will always garden.  The scale of the garden may change from a plastic tub on a balcony to rows of ploughed fields, but the need to garden doesn’t go away just because your dirt is under layers of concrete.

Next time you go to the city, take a look up at the roof tops and balconies.  How many do see with plants growing in all types of containers?