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Oh Yea Baby March 11, 2009

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16_08_25-snow-scene_webFinally, some snow.  Not nearly enough, but a couple of inches.  What we really is need is rain.  About 3 days of a long, slow rain.

We’ll take the snow for now.  I’m still holding the rain dance in reserve though.


Record Breaking Weather March 1, 2009

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sol_a_portrait_of_our_sun_1__rthorvaldIt’s official, this February was the driest on record.  I wouldn’t be surprised to learn it was also one of the warmest on record.

The weather guys have began saying that we might want to water a little bit.  Something almost all gardeners around here had already figured out for themselves.

March is not looking any better on the moisture front.  There is no rain, much less snow in the forecast and tomorrow is supposed to above 70 degrees.  Close to another record.

High and Dry February 8, 2009

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tempeture20conversionsWe should be dealing with snow drifts or at the very least mud puddles everywhere.  Instead we have been left high and dry.  Average snow fall for Denver at this time of year for the season is about 62 inches.  So far for this season we’ve had only 16 inches of snow.

It is true that March and April are two of our snowiest months, but I’m starting to get worried.  I rely on a wet winter to give the gardens the jump start they need in the spring. 

If we don’t get much snow or even rain during the next six weeks I’ll probably scale back my planting plans.  I’d rather down size the gardens now instead of going ahead with the plantings and hoping for the best later. 

I know from experience that it can be both expensive and time consuming to keep a garden going when there is not enough water. 

But for the next weeks I’ll appeal to Mother Nature for more moisture.

Rain water recycled September 15, 2008

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Here in northern Colorado rain water is something we don’t get enough of.  Because of that I have everyday items out on the patio and in the yard to catch the rain when it does come.  Last Friday we got a really good rain.  Today I used some of that water that I collected in the wheel barrow and tubs to water the tomatos and peppers in the greenhouse.

If you garden and don’t have some type of system to collect rain water I would suggest that you set one up.  It can be hi-tech and costly or simple and inexpensive.  I’ve seen everything from 55 gallon rain barrels with hoses placed under gutters to simple contains around the yard.  Pick what works best for you.