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Raking up the Gold October 24, 2008

Posted by liajo in general.
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Okay, not real gold, just gold colored leaves.  But I’ll be raking them up most of the day on Saturday.  I really don’t mind the leaves, but we have this one tree out front that grows these long bean pod things.  They are a royal in the ___.  They’re about 12 inches long and when they dry out they are be sharp as spears.  Not fun, not to mention all the holes they put in bags. 

Okay, I just had a side thought, (it happens sometimes) does anyone make canvas leave bags?  They would be SO MUCH better than plastic.  I don’t throw my leaves in the trash, they all go in the compost, but I use the bags to get them there.  I can reuse a plastic bag about 6 six times, but canvas, that would be cool. 

Back to raking now, it’s supposed to be a nice on Saturday and the raking will get me out of the house so I can soak up some sunshine.