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Good Bye Old Friend March 6, 2009

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tree_photoPart of the garden plan this year will include cutting down a very old and dying tree.  It has not been an easy decision.  I’ll entertain the idea of just cutting out the dead, but I think it’s to far gone.

I worry every year that during a storm a large, dead limb will either go through our roof  of the neighbors. 

I worry also about the birds and the squirrels that will lose their homes.  It is a bit of any irony, but I had tree specialist out a couple of years ago and he said the squirrels were actually killing the tree.  I guess if that’s the case, they won’t be surprised that they have to move.

Moving on October 27, 2008

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Our neighbors of 12 years sold their house and are moving on.  I’m sad to see them go, they were great neighbors.

As I was looking over at their front yard it occurred to me that the animal population around here is also going to be sad to see them go.

They have feed the squirrels through the winters ever since we have have known them.  I’m sure the squirrels can find plenty of other food.  They get all the left overs from my gardens and I know they made quit a haul from my sunflowers.  There are also the trash cans that line the alley. 

Then there are the birds.  I noticed the birdbath with no water in it.  Our neighbors kept a dog bowl in the birdbath for fresh water.  I’ve thought about getting a birdbath myself before.  I might now.  I could put it out front away from the dogs.

So while I am sad and I will miss my friends and neighbors I know the animals will miss them too.

Squirrel Feast October 16, 2008

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Now that my harvest is over I don’t mind sharing the left overs with the squirrels that live in one of our big trees.  The sunflowers are a big hit with them this year.  It was the first year I planted them and I had several reach over ten feet tall with quit a few flowers.

Twice this afternoon when I went to let the dogs out a squirrel was on the fence of the vegetable garden with a flower in his or her mouth.  They make a hasty retreat as soon as the back door opens, but not with out their prize.  I know the squirrels will be eating good well into the winter.

I’m also thinking I’ll have about a million sunflowers next year all over the yard.  Where ever you look there are sunflower seeds all over the ground.

Garden critters October 1, 2008

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I garden has got to have critters to be a healthy garden.  I know, you’ve been taught that garden critters are bad and just want to eat all your vegetables.  Not true.  Each backyard garden is it’s own little ecosystem and what is an ecosystem or planet without critters.

I bet you love ladybugs, but you can’t have ladybugs if you don’t have the lava they need to eat.  You can’t have the pretty butterfly if you don’t have caterpillars.  No Mr. Toad if he doesn’t have all the little bugs to eat.  Birds and squirrels my nibble around the edges of your vegges but if they have plenty of things to eat, they won’t gorge themselves.

Try to remember all bugs are good, and they are serving a needed purpose in the the ecosystem of your backyard.