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Saving Energy January 28, 2009

Posted by liajo in garden thoughts and ideas.
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There is more than one type of energy.  When you plant vegetation that is native to your region you can conserve your own energy.

Gardening can be strenuous exercise, but you can make it a little bit easier just by the type of plants you pick.  Native perennials and self seeders are my favorite type of plants.  Once they are established they require very little of my effort, water or time to look good.

Few vegetables are perennials but picking the ones that are suited for your region will save you lots of personal energy not to mention heart ache if the plant dies.  Some vegetables can be self seeders if you allow them to be.  I almost always have some type of beans or peas growing where I didn’t plant them.  I probably planted there the year or two before and new plants sprout from old pods left on the ground. 

Building gardening beds and fences, moving compost and rocks and laying stone paths all take a lot of personal energy in the gardens.  Tending to the actual plants doesn’t have to take much energy all if you pick your plants well.