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Beans or no Beans October 26, 2008

Posted by liajo in comfort food, good things.
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Nothing says fall like a good chili.  Soup is a close second, but in our house chili always wins out. 

Chili can be an all day process or only take about 30 minutes.  Both are good so the choice is personal. 

Today’s chili will be the 30 minute version.  I was under the weather yesterday so I didn’t plan for the all day process. 

Being under the weather is another good reason to eat chili.  We load ours done with green chili’s which have more vitamin C than orange’s.  The green chili will open up the sinus’ and clear out the stuffy head.

Like a good stew almost anything can go in a chili.  I have tomato’s in every window sill in the kitchen, so I’ll use a couple of them.  I have onion’s so I’ll use them also.  And yes we’ll use beans.  Beans always go in our chili.  I know people that make chili without beans, I just don’t know why.