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Burr, it’s cold outside February 13, 2018

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pexels-photo-280204.jpegFebruary usually cycles many small snow storms through Colorado and it’s doing that just that this year.  Snow on Saturday, 40 on Sunday, cold all day today.  And burr it’s cold outside now.  February is the closest month to spring and often the coldest of the winter months.

Yes, I get it, we need the snowpack since it’s our summer water.  Being a gardener I understand that.  I know my strawberries with benefit a lot from this cycle.  I know the clover is just soaking this up, or will when it defrosts.  I know my wildflowers will bloom with beauty in a couple of months.

Even knowing all of this, I wish it was warm enough to rain.

Snowy Morning February 10, 2018

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pexels-photo-764562.jpegIt’s a beautiful morning and the sun hasn’t risen yet.  We got a dusting of snow last night.  Just enough snow to cover the winter-brown grass and flower beds, the street, and sidewalks making everything white.  The cloud cover is heavy and grey but it’s not foggy.  There is no moon or stars visible, but it’s bright outside this morning.

I’m sure the brightness has something to do with porch and street lights bouncing back on the pure white snow.  I’m also sure a meteorologist has some big and fancy name for the effect.  But magic works for me.   Mother Nature at work, the beauty she is giving us is a trade-off for the cold and bad driving conditions.

All of my loved ones are safe inside and cookie making is on my agenda today.  I’ll enjoy the beauty of the newly fallen snow this morning and thank Mother Nature for the wonderment of her power.




Foggy morning February 8, 2018

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cold-snow-black-and-white-road.jpgI love the fog.  I hate driving in it, but if I’m safe inside, I really do love the fog.

This morning was foggy, but only after I got to work, which is a little unusual.  The fog usually comes early and burns off after sunrise.  Not this morning.

The sun looked like the last full moon.  It was almost perfectly round and white, that’s correct, I said white.  Veiled in the heavy fog it looked white.  It was beautiful but almost spooky, I’ve never seen anything quite like it.  The fog would thicken and the sun would almost be gone but in a minute or two it would be back to the white orb.  I won’t forget this morning anytime soon.

Somewhere around 11am the fog burned off and the sun returned to normal, but I have the image in my mind and I’ll hang onto.  I’ll also count my blessings for being lucky enough to witness the white sun this morning.

Oh Yea Baby March 11, 2009

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16_08_25-snow-scene_webFinally, some snow.  Not nearly enough, but a couple of inches.  What we really is need is rain.  About 3 days of a long, slow rain.

We’ll take the snow for now.  I’m still holding the rain dance in reserve though.

Water the Compost March 2, 2009

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compostbinopenMoisture is a key ingredient in composting.  Normally at this time of year my composting area would be covered by snow or at least very wet from melting snow.

But not this year.  Record high temperatures and on the driest February on record have dried the compost out.  Without the moisture the composting process almost stops.

My solution, water the compost.  I started doing just that week and I’ll keep it up every few days as long as it stays so dry.

Record Breaking Weather March 1, 2009

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sol_a_portrait_of_our_sun_1__rthorvaldIt’s official, this February was the driest on record.  I wouldn’t be surprised to learn it was also one of the warmest on record.

The weather guys have began saying that we might want to water a little bit.  Something almost all gardeners around here had already figured out for themselves.

March is not looking any better on the moisture front.  There is no rain, much less snow in the forecast and tomorrow is supposed to above 70 degrees.  Close to another record.

High and Dry February 8, 2009

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tempeture20conversionsWe should be dealing with snow drifts or at the very least mud puddles everywhere.  Instead we have been left high and dry.  Average snow fall for Denver at this time of year for the season is about 62 inches.  So far for this season we’ve had only 16 inches of snow.

It is true that March and April are two of our snowiest months, but I’m starting to get worried.  I rely on a wet winter to give the gardens the jump start they need in the spring. 

If we don’t get much snow or even rain during the next six weeks I’ll probably scale back my planting plans.  I’d rather down size the gardens now instead of going ahead with the plantings and hoping for the best later. 

I know from experience that it can be both expensive and time consuming to keep a garden going when there is not enough water. 

But for the next weeks I’ll appeal to Mother Nature for more moisture.

Way to Hot January 20, 2009

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tempeture20conversionsIt has been way to hot here this winter.  It was reading almost 65 degrees this afternoon.  In the middle of January in Colorado that is just to warm.  And this isn’t an isolated event this winter. 

While my heating bill may be loving, I’m really starting to worry about my gardens.  The gardens should be covered in snow or at least getting a heavy frost each morning and that just isn’t happening.

Besides the really warm weather we’ve been having high winds which just dry things out that much more.

I’m hoping it gets a lot wetter soon.  If it doesn’t I may have to get out the water hose.

Beautiful Day December 29, 2008

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What a perfect day.  The sun is shinning brightly in a clear blue sky.  It’s about 50 degrees outside and kids are running through the snow still on the ground in shorts.

A day like today, is why people live in Colorado.  It makes all the below zero mornings we had earlier this month worth it.

It’s like a sneak preview of the spring to come and it gives you hope that the earth won’t be cold and dark forever.

Could’ve, Should’ve, Would’ve November 20, 2008

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Don’t you wish sometimes we could see into the future?  I sure wish I could’ve have this fall.  If I had I would have planted a really big fall garden.  Who would have dreamed we would be sitting here on November 20th and almost no snow and only one or two good freezes.  If I had known 60 days ago what I know now I would have planted lots of cold weather vegetables.  I just kept telling myself that the weather wouldn’t hold.  If you plant, even in the greenhouse it will snow tomorrow.

Well there’s nothing I can do about it now, but I sure did miss a good opportunity to have a fall garden.  I still keep telling myself it will snow tomorrow and we really do need it now.  I’ll wait for spring and hope I don’t need to tunnel through the snow to get to the greenhouse then.