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What’s Your Zone??? April 7, 2009

Posted by liajo in garden thoughts and ideas, How to tips.
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planting20zonesYou need to know the zip code your mailing a letter to.  You need to know the area code your calling.  And if your planting a garden you need to know the planting zone.

It’s simple really.  Find your zone on the USDA hardiness map and match it to the back of any seed package or plant tag.  I’m a zone 5.  Most plants can be grown in several zones.  You’ll see some thing like “for zones 3-8.” 

You can extend that a zone a little by starting seedlings inside and using greenhouses and containers.  I also have a heated sun room.  It helps me grow some container plants I couldn’t other wise have.     

I started my tomato and pepper seedlings a week ago yesterday in the sun room.  Almost all the tomatoes have came up.  No peppers yet, but the seed packs said 10 days to 2 weeks, so I’ll wait a little more.


1. starlaschat - April 7, 2009

I’ll have to recheck my Zone. It’s in the blue part. I know tomatoes do not do very well up here it is a short season. I planted pepper seeds too and they have not poked up yet. I’ll have to re learn my zone. Always # to know in life.lol

2. starlaschat - April 24, 2009

Are you in the garden? We built a small box to plant our seedlings. Yesterday I was Gardening for a friend planting long rows of onions on his farm my legs are so sore, the kind of sore that hurts when you walk I’m sure I feel better in a few hours :+).

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