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No Pooping Please March 5, 2009

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c88542d9df2d44ae8878cad88da5ff1f-origI love my dogs and they have free roam of the backyard.  Part of being their owner is picking up the poop.  Not a favorite activity, but one I do because I love my dogs and cleaning up after them is part of the deal.

What I don’t love is dog poop on the front lawn that didn’t come from my dogs.  It seems that one of my neighbors isn’t having any problem letting their dog or dogs roam freely all over the neighborhood.

I hope to spot the offender and the owner in the coming weeks.  Yes, they will know that I don’t love them or their poop when I catch them. 

And in our town, pooping on the neighbors lawn isn’t only in bad taste, it’s illegal since we have a leash law.  Poopers beware.

Love thy neighbor October 29, 2008

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It doesn’t extend to loving their trees.  Our neighbors have about eight cotton wood trees about six feet or less from the fence line we share. 

They planted them about ten years ago to help cool the house in the summer (they are on their south side.)  A very good and environmental friendly idea.  I also enjoy the trees in the summer.  They help to keep my car sitting in the drive cool along with providing shade for my plants in the heat of summer. 

But come fall the leaves from all those cotton woods trees don’t seem to know what side of the property line they belong on.  Each fall I rake as many if not more cotton wood leaves than I do from leaves on my own tree.  I know, I enjoy some of the benefits so I shouldn’t mind some extra leaves.

But I do mind.  I’m not even sure why.  I really like the neighbors.  I don’t mind the trees any other time of the year, but I hate those leaves.

Moving on October 27, 2008

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Our neighbors of 12 years sold their house and are moving on.  I’m sad to see them go, they were great neighbors.

As I was looking over at their front yard it occurred to me that the animal population around here is also going to be sad to see them go.

They have feed the squirrels through the winters ever since we have have known them.  I’m sure the squirrels can find plenty of other food.  They get all the left overs from my gardens and I know they made quit a haul from my sunflowers.  There are also the trash cans that line the alley. 

Then there are the birds.  I noticed the birdbath with no water in it.  Our neighbors kept a dog bowl in the birdbath for fresh water.  I’ve thought about getting a birdbath myself before.  I might now.  I could put it out front away from the dogs.

So while I am sad and I will miss my friends and neighbors I know the animals will miss them too.

Plant sharing October 17, 2008

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Plant sharing is a great way to share beautiful garden flowers and keep the cost of gardening down.  This summer our next door neighbors needed to thin out their daylillie beds.  They offered us all we wanted as long as we dug them out and took only from a certain area.

I was more than happy to help them out and I took about a dozen.  Daylillies spread kind of fast so I spread mine out so they would have plenty of room to do just that.

We found out last week that these same neighbors will be moving later this month.  We have been neighbors for more than 12 years and I will miss them dearly.  I hope the new neighbors keep up their nice yard and gardens, but even if they don’t I’ll have the daylillies to help me remember my neighbors and friends.