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Just Wondering March 9, 2009

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_cutedogspicturehomeHow many people have a dog like Bubba with diabetes??7-14-cats2

How many of you have a cat with diabetes??

How long have the lived with it??

Did it change your life when you found out they were sick??

Bubba’s Health Update March 3, 2009

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groupwinter06Updates on Bubba’s health and how he is doing with doggies diabetes as turned into a weekly feature.  I think that’s a good thing because the more I talk to people the more dogs and cats I am finding with diabetes.  Most of them are doing quit well.

I also have a close human friend with type 1 diabetes.  We are both amazed with how similar the disease is between dogs and people.  Talking with him as also helped me a lot and kept me from calling the vets office like every day.

He has insured me that the shots don’t hurt.  Yes that’s what the vet said but how does he know for sure.  He told me that yes it’s important to give the insulin at the same times every day, but if we’re off by 15 or 20 minutes it is highly unlikely that something horrible will happen.  Yes, I worried about a lot. 

He also told me that insulin is very oily.  One night Bubba moved a little while I was giving him his shot.  I knew that he got some insulin but I also felt some on the fur.  My human friend said that insulin is so oily that if he moves and just 1 mm get on his stomach it will smear all over it.

So two goods friends have diabetes and one is telling me what the other can’t.  I think that’s kind of cool.

Like New Dogs February 24, 2009

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anatomy-anotated_jack_russellIt’s been 2 weeks since Bubba was diagnosed with diabetes and we are all doing very well. 

The new eating schedule is getting to be routine.  Most of the time Bubba doesn’t even mind the shots, which we are feeling more comfortable giving.

It made me feel so bad the first week when I would eat in front of Bubba and Allie.  For almost nine years we had always let them lick the dinner plates.  Instead, now what we do is maybe give them a piece of their food.

Both dogs are losing a little weight, but it’s controlled and because we are measuring their food we know they are getting enough to eat.

The energy levels they have is almost like having puppies again.  I’m not sure that’s a good thing when they are Jack Russell’s, but it’s much better than having Bubba sick.

Bubba’s Health Update February 17, 2009

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jack_russell_artMonday Bubba had his first diabetes check up.  He is doing well.  The vets  made no change in his care, his food and insulin will stay the same for now.

We thought that he was doing much better this week, but it was great news for the vet to confirm it.  I can actually breath a little easier now.

While Bubba is doing well, Allie is not to pleased with us.  Since Bubba had to go on a diet and very specific feeding times Allie has had to do the same.  She is having a harder time adjusting than Bubba has.

As always I’ve done a little web research myself this week.  I have read pieces of several dog diabetes sites.  I’m glad they are out there and plan to keep doing more research.  I hope in the future to recommend some of these sites.