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Comfort Food

Is it the food that’s comforting or the memories of sharing that similar food with friends and family?  I think it’s the memories that make comfort food so good.

I still cook those same meals.  Not all the time and that makes them extra special.  The first cold snap every year I make a big pot of pinto beans, fried potatoes, and cornbread.  Just like my mom and grandmothers made.

I still use one of my grandmother’s pie recipes.  It’s about the best cream pie ever.  Now my granddaughters who never met her can add her pie to their list of comfort foods.

Whatever you cook, add an extra measure of love, it makes everything better.


1. homesteadingmyway - March 24, 2009

Way to go! I like your spunk that you show in your choices of food and life. I think it gives others the backbone to start making a change for their good in there lives. Remember: WE are all in this together.

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