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Comfort Food

I like to cook almost as much as I like to garden.  Nothing fancy, just what we call comfort food.  I have updated some ingredients to make the old standards a little more healthy.  It is possible to eat good food that is good for you.

I use fresh vegetables from my garden and close by farmer markets.  I also preserve a lot of the food I grow.  My freezer is loaded down with this years harvest of green beans, green chili, tomato’s and zucchini.  I haven’t bought a tomato at the store in over 18 months. 

I also only use olive oil or grape seed oil.  Yes you can bake a cake with olive oil instead of vegetable oil and never notice the difference in taste.  I try to use dry beans instead of canned, there is a lot less salt and they are less expensive.  I use only organic eggs and real whipped butter. 

We have added some new foods to our pantry.  One of the most versatile is quinoa, which is actually an old food used first by the Inca’s.  I also buy organic when ever I can, because I think it’s better for us.

So I’m still making good tasting comfort food not quit like grandma but certainly good for you.



1. homesteadingmyway - March 24, 2009

Way to go! I like your spunk that you show in your choices of food and life. I think it gives others the backbone to start making a change for their good in there lives. Remember: WE are all in this together.

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